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Bombay Buffer Blend

Bombay Buffer Blend

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Bombay Buffer Blend is an essence set which combines water, gem, mineral, and flower essences. The blend together works to stabilize intense energy, helping us feel safe and grounded. It works to harmonize negative planetary and man-made energy, so that our body can absorb the energies in a safe way. It is extremely elevating, aiding us to snap out of deep funks and heavy states of discordance. It helps to soothe anger and wash away old, stagnant emotions. Bombay Buffer Blend “bends the frequencies'' to accommodate emotional needs. It helps us find ease and a soothing bath of light within overwhelming chaos and spiraling emotions. It helps us channel rage and other intense emotions into construction and creative endeavors. Brings refuge, salvation, connection, reflection. Reminds us that we are the Universe, we are our own refuge.

Bombay Buffer Blend helps us to accept what is, and to have confidence in our self. It keeps us moving forward so we don’t stagnate in the muck. It attunes us to the heartbeat of the planet, connecting us with the elements so we can ground and center them in our body. Connects us with our highest self, helping us recharge and aiding in journeywork. The essences of this set urge us to remember our important, integral place within the grand symphony of life. And to have reverence for our unique path. It brings patience into the moments of stillness, and fortitude into moments of action. Helps us to step outside ourselves to see the beauty, awe, and perfection in every moment.

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Lithium Ore

Stargazer Lily

A few words from the guardians of each essence:

Blue Lotus- “Elevate above the insanity. Rational thought can not lift us out of the depths of hell. Faith brings about this miracle of transcendence. The life state of Buddhahood is present in every single aspect of life.”

Obsidian- “Tip of the iceberg. What mountains lie beneath all that you know? SEE in totality. You already know the foundation of life.”

Stargazer Lily- “It doesn’t all need to make sense right now. Throw yourself fully into life, without hesitation. Trust and be joyful, bold yet humble. Gratitude brings these aspects to surface.”

Lithium- “Origins, neural pathways. The beginning is always now.”

Amonite- “Endless Possibilities. You can see the world in a shimmering haze. Life is full of deeper wonder than can ever be fathomed.”

River Rocks- “A breath of fresh air. Here you are between earth and sky. Let yourself be soothed, cleansed, elements and energies equalized, in balance.”

Rain Bath- “Eyes wide open. Cosmic being, limitless life force. Everything everywhere is all right here.”


Shake well before each use. Take 3 drops on the tongue, in the corners of the mouth, or mixed with water; 3-4 times per day. Can additionally be added to the bath or misted into the space/ body.

Store out of direct sunlight and away from excessive heat/ cold. Keep in a special place away from strong scents and electronics.


Water, brandy, Bombay Buffer Blend (infusion of River Rocks, Rain Bath, Amonite, Stargazer Lily, Obsidian, Lithium Ore, Blue Lotus)


Keep out of reach of children. Consult your health care practitioner before using if pregnant or nursing. Disclaimer: Not approved by the FDA. Results may vary and are not 100% guaranteed. Not intended to replace medical or mental treatment by a qualified physician.


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