About Flower Essences

What are flower essences?

Flower essences are a type of energetic or subtle medicine which address matters of the mind, spirit, and emotions. And, since mental and spiritual maladies are often manifested in the body, flower essence administration often results in improvements in physical ailments as well.

What aren't flower essences?

Many individuals not familiar with flower essences will confuse these extractions with essential oils. In contrast to essential oils, flower essences have a light or no scent. While essential oils commonly address issues of the body (like peppermint for a cold or fennel for GI issues), flower essences are energetic in nature and reach into more spiritual realms.

How flower essences are made

This difference can be illustrated in the process by which flower essences are extracted. Traditionally, the practitioner will go out into the field, whether cultivated or wild, and float fresh flowers over a glass bowl of water. Over the course of a few hours, the sunlight imprints the energetic blueprint of the flowers, along with their healing properties, into the water. This consecrated water is then bottled and preserved in brandy.

About non-local extraction

Pioneering work in the field of energetic remedies has shown that flowers don't need to be harmed in the process of flower essence extraction. Some companies use the "no-pick" method, in which the bowl of water is set underneath blooming flowers, with the same results. Some companies take this a step further with non-local methods. With proper training, practitioners are able to make contact with Guardians and Embodiments of the flower or gem. Information on the benefits of the essence is channeled through the practitioner, and these benefits are infused into the water by the holder of the essence. Dragonfly Formulas uses a combination of traditional extraction, no-pick extraction (for rare flowers), and non-local extraction.

About Me

My name is Paedrin Blues and I am the practitioner and proprietor of Dragonfly Formulas. I believe that everyone is innately born with their own intuition, but that we are not educated on how to use and strengthen this internal compass. Realizing my own natural propensity toward my intuition (as others may excel in areas of physical strength or math for example), I decided to hone this ability in order to help others. I spent years training as a medical intuitive before conducting readings over the phone, and the information I intuited about people I had never seen or met surprised even me. These experiences opened my mind to unseen realms and confirmed for me the validity of energetic reading and healing.

I was fortunate to train also with pioneers in the field of non-local extraction. The first few times I made contact with the holder of a given essence, I was shocked and delighted to see, plain as day, faeries dancing and working diligently on the rim of my essence bottle. As much as we would all like to believe in faeries and other elementals, seeing them with my own eyes eliminated the doubts in my mind that they exist. Some give me a name by which to refer to them in our work, and others choose to remain anonymous. Always I am honored to have this relationship with the Guardians and Embodiments, and am grateful that I can be a conduit for the healing they hold.

Doubts and proper perspective

Above all else, I believe that the approach we take to our healing is most important. Although the faerie/ elemental realm is a "magical" place, healing does not happen by force of magic. As a practitioner of SGI Nichiren Buddhism, I firmly believe that we are the only ones that can create our own happiness; we need to stand up and take charge of our own lives. My faith teaches also of the vast potential of each and every person. That by believing in and bringing out our inherent Buddha nature, we can do our "human revolution"- that is, transform our own lives, step into the best version of ourselves, and help others to do the same.

Healing is in your own hands, and it is a fierce struggle. It requires rigorous action- in the combination of faith, faeries, doctors, and whatever else is right for your life. Whether you see essences as a positive affirmation (what you focus on grows), or you believe in faeries and the healing they facilitate, I hope that you will take your life in your own hands as you step into a fully healed you. Thank you for being here with me. -Paedrin