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Dragonfly Formulas



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Dispels self-doubt to strengthen confidence. Fortifying to the character. Activates the masculine side of the brain to encourage pin-point focus. Practicality, action, forward-moving. Stabilizes yin aspects of creativity and emotion when they have become out of balance, too intense; grounds our energy so that we can actually manifest this creativity. Come back to reality, back to earth, back to the present, back to your body. A calm, grounded strength. “Everything’s okay.” Accept reality. Breathe. Attempting to fit the world into your own box causes pain and anguish. Accept reality. Let it be. You are safe to be fully here. You are strong enough to be an island, and to live valiantly in this world.


Shake well before each use. Take 3 drops on the tongue, in the corners of the mouth, or mixed with water; 3-4 times per day. Can additionally be added to the bath or misted into the space/ body.

Store out of direct sunlight and away from excessive heat/ cold. Keep in a special place away from strong scents and electronics.


Water, brandy, infusion of Obsidian


Keep out of reach of children. Consult your health care practitioner before using if pregnant or nursing. Disclaimer: Not approved by the FDA. Results may vary and are not 100% guaranteed. Not intended to replace medical or mental treatment by a qualified physician.


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