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Lithium Ore

Lithium Ore

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Lithium emits a slow and steady droning frequency. Its consistency is stabilizing. Keeps us on track, on our path. Locks us into proper motion, buckles us in so we don’t fly off the rails. Bowling buffers, railroad bumpers. Lithium is the spaceship, keeps us safe in travel through unknown realms. Assimilates its vibration with the salts in our body, so that we can carry lithium’s stabilization with us. Helps drown out irritations so that we can relax into ourselves and assimilate with others. Helps us be of highest service to ourselves so that we can be of highest service to others. Alleviates stress. Guides us to intuitively know what our whole being needs, mostly in terms of movement.


Shake well before each use. Take 3 drops on the tongue, in the corners of the mouth, or mixed with water; 3-4 times per day. Can additionally be added to the bath or misted into the space/ body.

Store out of direct sunlight and away from excessive heat/ cold. Keep in a special place away from strong scents and electronics.


Water, brandy, infusion of Lithium Ore


Keep out of reach of children. Consult your health care practitioner before using if pregnant or nursing. Disclaimer: Not approved by the FDA. Results may vary and are not 100% guaranteed. Not intended to replace medical or mental treatment by a qualified physician.


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