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Dragonfly Formulas

Isis Oasis

Isis Oasis

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Channeled by the Lake Mermaid

Waters of Lake DuPan/ Old Lake Nancy

Isis Oasis holds within its waters a vortex energy which allows one to connect with that which is hidden; with the dark side of one's self (our shadows), the shadows of mankind and the dark side of the moon. The spirits of the forest and its waters come out to be seen.  Here is an ambrosia to bring one to an understanding of the pure, raw elements that make up our reality. This essence builds an inner fire and thirst for the Truth and helps us to see it and know it. Provides us the distinction to know where information and energy is being stored (water, crystals, pyramids, etc), and leads us down the path to unlocking that information. Shows us where the rabbit hole is, to guide us to a true understanding of the nature of time, space and alternate realities.


Like bugs to the light

They were attracted

To the antidote

The one true thing


Lifts the veil on the most deeply ingrained constructs of reality and society.

At least a little bit-its claws are deep.

The fabric is shaken so we can glimpse at the truth.

To peek into the void

We must come face to face with our deepest of fears.

Helps you stand still so you can see yourself in the mirror.

Crystal eagles swimming below

An eagle-eye view, but on its head

The fool, perspective

Stars submerged

Alchemy, transmutation

Sheer magic

Hum of the universe, celestial spheres

Music in accord, harmony, frequency

Gives us the discernment to navigate:

Wormhole versus rabbithole

Acceptance versus fears

Rapid healing versus psychosis

Cycles, circles

Can you handle the vortex?

How strong is your faith?


Shake well before each use. Take 3 drops on the tongue, in the corners of the mouth, or mixed with water; 3-4 times per day. Can additionally be added to the bath or misted into the space/ body.

Store out of direct sunlight and away from excessive heat/ cold. Keep in a special place away from strong scents and electronics.


Water, brandy, infusion of Isis Oasis


Keep out of reach of children. Consult your health care practitioner before using if pregnant or nursing. Disclaimer: Not approved by the FDA. Results may vary and are not 100% guaranteed. Not intended to replace medical or mental treatment by a qualified physician.


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