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Crystal Blue Waters

Crystal Blue Waters

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Channeled by Light Bright Enchantment

  • For pressure and seriousness which restrict passion and creativity
  • “Let it be light and let it be free”
  • The pressure and serious approach to life come from self-doubt
  • Please trust yourself. Please have fun with life.
  • If you don’t worry so much about the details, things will flow more freely. And you will wake up again to the joy in your passions and in your life itself
  • Brand new eyes, a radical shift that comes with realizing and practicing the proper order of things- that is, excitement first, and the work that naturally follows it. Be excited because you are alive! Don’t work begrudgingly in the hope of excitement later on. Life is magical NOW! Open your eyes to the magic, in every moment. It’s always there.
  • Magic in this sense does not mean that you can wish for your life to change and it will. We have to stand up for our own lives!
  • By magic I mean noticing the extraordinary things in life. I mean allowing your mind to be blown by the natural world, by the nature of the universe. Sunrises and sunsets, the way that plants grow, the way the body repairs itself, the complexity of the mind, the law of cause and effect, the fibonacci and fractal aspects of things. The way things make you feel, the very fact that you are alive. By magic I suppose I can mean “aliveness” or wonder, but I prefer to use this term.
  • With this meaning established, I can say- always look for the magic. Ground yourself in order to focus. In what? In magic. This may seem counter-intuitive. You might think you need to ground yourself in the five senses of the earth. But these things are not separate. There is magic in the five senses and in the earth. No two things are separate. Noticing magic brings you back to your senses. Sounds alternative to society’s thinking, doesn’t it? “Magic is nonsense and makes you aloof.” No. It will ground you more than ever. You will feel alive in each moment. You will awaken in your body. 
  • Be an open vessel full of wonder. If your mind is full you will feel tired, sluggish, and closed off to magic, to aliveness.
  • All you need to be full of is wonder. Keep your mind open by freeing it of clutter. By focusing on magic- what’s real and true and here and now- your being will be present, grounded, and ready to focus and work hard.
  • Put wonder and play and excitement- magic at the forefront. The fuel for your life. Your life is about to radically change, when you put this into action. Magic first to fuel your life.


Shake well before each use. Take 3 drops on the tongue, in the corners of the mouth, or mixed with water; 3-4 times per day. Can additionally be added to the bath or misted into the space/ body.

Store out of direct sunlight and away from excessive heat/ cold. Keep in a special place away from strong scents and electronics.


Water, brandy, infusion of Crystal Blue Waters


Keep out of reach of children. Consult your health care practitioner before using if pregnant or nursing. Disclaimer: Not approved by the FDA. Results may vary and are not 100% guaranteed. Not intended to replace medical or mental treatment by a qualified physician.


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